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What is a bare-shell company?


As an alternative to a new company, you can also buy an existing corporation. It is called "bare-shell company", a company that has been suspended for a variety of reasons and has liquidated its shares. The quality has repaid the debt and its assets have been liquidated. Since there has been a liquidation, read the tax authorities considered that the trade of the fictitious company is a liquidation and simultaneous restoration. The inscription in the commercial register will remain valid all the time and, therefore, also the legal personality.

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  • For sale bare-shell companies  (Public limited company or Ltd) including the mandate of the board of directors and domicile.

  • Company formation

  • Opening of bank accounts

  • Offshore companies

  • Special mandates

  • Interesting solutions to raise capital.

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The advantages of buying a bare-shell company


The commercial acquisition of a bare-shell company has the advantage that the company already exists and, therefore, the founders are not necessary. So the company is already founded, so it does not represent a risk, which does happen for the founders of a new company. In a public limited company, the owner of the company is no longer visible. Among other things, the solvency of the company also depends on the age of the corporation.

For example, newly founded companies receive less credit than older companies, even if their purpose, address and name were changed.

The transmission of a bare-shell company can be carried out easily and quickly without the intervention of a notary.

  • Time savings (The corporation already exists and is immediately available).

  • Cost effective, with no upfront costs ( 60,000 € required for a new spain company).

  • Anonymity (You as the owner are not visible).

  • Fast processing without complications.

  • Tax saving

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