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Why resort to a private investment?


  • Financing possible even with bank rejection.

  • Favorable and very competitive conditions.

  • Attractive alternative for Startups, SMEs or companies.

  • Greater flexibility, with the possibility of negotiating the conditions.  


How does private investment work with Santorini Holding & Finance?


Upon receiving the pertinent information and documentation of the project, we will undertake a study and evaluation. Subsequently, it is sent to our private investors, who if they decide to invest, an offer will be made with the conditions desired by them. Once an agreement has been reached between the parties, a contract will be signed with the entire agreement stipulated in writing. A streamlined, simple and comfortable process for our clients, so that they can focus solely on making their project come true.

What if our investors do not want to invest in your project?


In case of rejection of your project we will resort to the search for other investors, choosing to select the ideal investor for your case. Since for us your success and that of your Startup or company is a priority, for this reason we develop all our efforts so that you obtain the necessary capital.


Why Santorini Holding & Finance?


  • We take care of the study and evaluation of your project.

  • We offer you the most attractive and effective solution to obtain your financing.

  • We take care of all the paperwork and associated bureaucracy.

  • If necessary, we take care of any necessary negotiations, ensuring your interest.

  • Our priority is your interests and the success of your project.

  • An unbeatable service of the highest quality.

Together we are strong!

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Our current projects

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