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Capital, loans, financing,

mortgage loans and leases

Opening and management of bank accounts

We take care of opening and managing your bank account with a generous line of credit.

We handle everything simply, unbureaucratically and quickly.

Application for and administration of subsidies and/or grants by

NGO's or public authorities

We offer all procedures for applying for subsidies and / or grants by NGOs or government agencies. We will do everything in our power to accelerate the process to the fullest.

Apply for provide and manage loans, financing, mortgage loans and

leases with cooperating banks or with crowdlending

We offer a complete and straightforward service for loans, financing, mortgage financing and leasing through cooperating banks or crowd lending of individuals. Crowdlending

takes place without bank.

Insurance advice and management

We also advise you in the insurance sector and also take care of the administration of

your insurance.

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For more information and specification of our services, please contact us.

Your capital is your lifestyle,
we know it and we want you to take care of your capital.

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